Markberg to Showcase Fashion Agency

We're proud to announce a new accessory brand to our agency! Markberg provides amazing leather handbags, gloves and mittens, as well as high quality belts.

From Markberg’s own website:

Markberg represents the simplicity of clean Scandinavian design mixed with unique details. Functionality as well as handmade details are key elements in our design. The items are often washed and are given different treatments to add a soft vintage feeling.

In beautiful surroundings near Vejle Fjord in Denmark, Markberg designs 4 collections a year.

Markberg products are made from genuine leather sourced from highly skilled manufactures around the world.

High quality leather is like fine wine. It only gets better in time.
Modström to SFA
We're pleased to welcome Danish Modström to our agency here in Oslo! Modström has grown to be one of the leading Danish fashion brands. With six collections a year, they deliver trendy, to-the-point Scandinavian fashion. Showcase Fashion Agency is also very excited to celebrate their 10th aniversary this summer!
SFA in Paris

Showcase Fashion Agency had a quick work related trip to Paris last week. What a city! It's so pretty! We stayed at a boutque hotel called Hôtel Ares Eiffel near the Eiffel Tower. A lovely hotel with tiny, but gorgeous rooms. We'll be back soon!


You can now but HURRAW Lip Balm through Showcase Fashion Agency! HURRAW is certified vegan, organic, non toxic and is Gluten, Soya and Shea Free. Plus they feel great on your lips: Non-sticky and non-grainy!

Celin's favorite "flavour" is Root Beer, whilst Synnøve's is Vanilla. Which one is your favorite?

The Brave Cows

MOO's AW13 Collection has finally hit the stores in Norway! Showcase Fashion Agency is very proud to represent a brand with such an amazing collection, spirit and drive.

Designer, Karianne Sæther, has dedicated this year's collection to four brave and wonderful women: Malala, Makeba, Karman and Norwegian Betzy Kjelsberg. They each have their own line of bags, and they're already a hit!

Malala Avenue Crudo
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